Our Services

As holistic health coaches and counsellors, we encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. To help them succeed, we educate, coach and support their process through their entire recovery.

Initial consult & costs

Our hourly rates are $125 USD per hour. At this time, we have a promotional rate of $80 USD for the initial consult. Special packages and promotional offers become available from time to time. See below for additional information or contact us.

(Residents of Ecuador please check with us directly for current local rates).

Whether online or in person, we look forward to learning about your health (and life) history, your current symptoms, and what you hope to achieve with our assistance.

Our first hour with you will include recommendations for next steps, a follow-up email, and any applicable handouts we believe can be of assistance at this time.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation Package

In some cases, we recommend a thorough blood analysis at the beginning of our work together. (We can also use blood tests that are less than 3 months old). Based on your blood test results (that we interpret using functional blood chemistry analysis), our initial consultation (your health history and current symptoms), and (perhaps) other diagnostics, we can write a Health Evaluation Report.

The Comprehensive Health Evaluation Package, includes the Health Evaluation Report and also a customized diet. We sit down with you in two 90-minute sessions about a week apart to go over your report and then your diet. Your report and individualized diet docs include a table of contents, and appendices so they can be used as resources.

We take as much time as necessary to understand what is happening with your health before we present you with our perspective. This process educates you on your state of health, explains how you got there, and outlines what you need to do in order to recover.

The Comprehensive Health Evaluation Package, which includes a report and customized diet doc and two 90-minute sessions to go over the materials costs $400 USD. Ask us for details on how you can benefit from not only knowing what is happening with your health but also the safest and most effective way to get better.


Health coaching is designed to support you through the process of change. We monitor your progress, make recommendations on adapting new protocols, keep you on track, and encourage you as you do what it takes to regain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness once again.


We also provide individual, couples and family counselling. This includes emotional support, trauma relief, relationship counselling, psycho-spiritual counselling, and life coaching.

In-person services

Our in-person services include several hands-on therapies that we can only apply to those who see us live. Some of the interventions we offer include: