Our Services

As holistic health coaches and counsellors, we encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. To help them succeed, we educate, coach and support their process through their entire recovery. Special packages and promotional offers are currently available. Contact us for details.

Initial Consult

Coaching and counselling session with couple and coach

An initial consult is one hour in length. Here we take the time to listen to your health (and life) history, your current and past symptoms, what you have been doing to support your wellness to date, and what you hope to achieve with our assistance. We also make recommendations for next steps, provide a follow-up email, and any applicable handout/s we believe can be of assistance at this time.

Evaluation Report

Most forms of medicine today (both traditional and complimentary) are structured so that doctors have to see a new patient every 20-minutes or less. This is not enough time to figure out all the possible contributing elements that may be causing symptoms, or enough time to map out a cohesive plan for recovery. This gets even more complicated if someone has been dealing with an issue/s for a long time, and/or has tried a number of  interventions and nothing has really worked, or things are getting worse.

We take the time to understand your complete health history, symptoms (current and in the past) and we also review diagnostics, especially recent blood tests. We can also suggest additional tests to better understand what is at play. We interpret these blood tests using something called functional blood chemistry analysis (FBCA).

FBCA is a dramatically different way to understand regular blood tests taken at your local clinical lab. Functional blood chemistry analysis uses much tighter ‘optimal’ ranges for comparison, not the reference ranges found on your lab test results. If your numbers are high or low in regards to these more functional limits, it can point to a variety of pre-conditions, as well as actual imbalances.  When specific groups of individual blood tests are collated, and the results meet specific parameters, it can clarify the exact issue, how long it has been at play, the severity of the situation, and level of risk. FBCA can even identify sub-clinical issues years in advance.

Our role in producing an evaluation report is to identify ALL the various contributing elements that are causing your symptoms. We also educate you our findings, specifically why your situation is happening, what else is effected,  how long an imbalance has been an issue, and what your next steps should be. When the report is complete, we sit down and review it with you online for 90-minutes.

Recovery Plan

Health issues can take a while to manifest and multiple systems and organs can be effected. There is also an optimal sequence of interventions so that the various organs and systems that are out of balance are supported at the right time, and build on each other, so that your recovery is both safe and timely.

We take the guess work out of recovery: Various interventions can be recommended including changes in diet, home-use therapies, supplementation, cleansing, detoxing, and other modalities. We not only educate you on why something should be undertaken, what to expect, and how to do it. We also create a step by step guide that clarifies the order in which things should be done, how much to take, how long to do something, where to get a specific product or service, and how much it costs. The report includes a week by week schedule in the appendix that is easy to understand, and even easier to follow.

We review your recovery plan in a 90-minute session online. Our goal is to ensure you understand the various options that are outlined, and feel supported in your health recovery.


Health coaching is designed to support you through the process of change. We monitor your progress, make recommendations on adapting new protocols, keep you on track, and encourage you as you do what it takes to regain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness once again. See our testimonials page for feedback from clients who we have coached back to health and wellbeing.


We also provide individual, couples and family counselling. This includes emotional support, trauma relief, relationship counselling, psycho-spiritual counselling, and life coaching. See our testimonials page for the feedback of our clients on the counselling they have received.

In-person Services

Our in-person services include several hands-on therapies that we can only apply to those who see us live. Some of the interventions we offer include:

High Intensity Laser Therapy

Class IV Near Infrared (NIR) Laser

Laser therapy being conducted

Laser (acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is monochromatic (one specific wavelength), coherent (constant phase) and polarized (directional) light. It allows for deep penetration and can be used therapeutically to expedite healing.

The latest high intesity therapeutic lasers (above 500 mW) are no longer red light or just red light but are (or also include) near infrared (NIR). This kind of clinical laser therapy, when used appropriately, has an analgesic effect (stabilizes free nerve endings and as a result leads to a reduction or elimination of pain). High intensity laser also delivers large amounts of energy to cells and this speeds up cell metabolism and causes faster resorption of proinflammatory mediators. This leads to a reduction in inflammation.

With NIR laser treatments there is also a dramatic increase in ATP production (cell fuel) and this allows for faster synthesis of RNA and DNA. This leads to faster recovery, healing and edema reduction in treated areas. NIR also has a thermic effect (heat) that causes vasodilation and as a result muscle relaxation.

The class IV NIR laser that we use is the most powerful in its class (20 Watts) and can make a significant difference, even after one session. We are currently doing house calls. Contact us for details. See our testimonials tab for the remarkable feedback we are getting from our clients on laser therapy.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Whole Body Healing at Home

Electromagnetic force is the fundamental powertrain of our planet and us. Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy stimulates acupuncture meridians, increases ATP production (cell fuel), improves cellular voltage, normalizes pH, improves circulation (improves nitric oxide production and eliminates red-blood cell clumping), reduces pain, stimulates adult stem cell production and differentiation, reduces anxiety and depression and improves sleep.

We have done extensive research on PEMF therapy and believe that devices that produce field strengths and frequencies that match our own are the safest and most effective when used daily from the comfort of your home. A mat can impact the entire body including the brain. A smaller pad is more portable and can be used while sitting or standing. The spot pad is especially effective for knees, elbows, etc. Each of the two PEMF therapy devices we recommend have these options as well as brain wave entrainment via goggles that use sound, light and color to produce coherance.

One of the mats we recommend has recently added Far Intrared (FIR) to its PEMF mat. Far Infrared is also a remarkable healing frequency. Conventional heating pads work from the outside in (thermal energy) and once removed, the therapeutic value quickly goes away. In contrast, Far Infrared penetrates through the skin and insulating layer of fat, producing warming effects from the inside out! A FIR application feels extremely pleasant, soothing and relaxing at the same time that it is supporting health and wellbeing. Contact us for details on PEMF and how it can help you achieve your health goals.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BMPT)

Microcurrent Applications (specific and non-specific)