"When I first met Silvana the doctors had said there was nothing else they could do for me, that only God could save my life.

She became my coach, my therapist and my facilitator, guiding me and supporting me at every step. As my health coach, she gave me recommendations on diet, supplementation and lifestyle (which I followed religiously). As my counselor, she helped me understand my deeper issues (which were at the root of my disease). She also worked with my family, as we all needed support. As my facilitator, she helped me find and decide on the best additional treatments (which I needed from other health professionals), while she coordinated the overall plan.

After working together quite intensely for a couple of years, the doctors could no longer find the disease. That was 7 years ago. I was not supposed to be around by now. Yet, I’m healthy and going strong in every way. I still follow the lifestyle Silvana taught me to live. I don´t deviate from it. Why would I? Being alive is my treat!

She always reminds me that I healed myself -- with God´s blessing. And she doesn't want me to forget that our work together simply created the right conditions…  so that could naturally happen.

Silvana has been my pillar through it all. Her skills and dedication are a gift from heaven, but what I´ve appreciated even more has been the love and care that she has shown me all along".  

- Narcisa Peña, translated from Spanish (Cuenca, Ecuador)

"I was diagnosed with MS and was struggling. My short-term memory loss, confusion, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy were getting worse. My last resort was to be guided on natural remedies. Last week, almost one year to the day since starting my work with Patrick, I am free of MS. To those people who think that Western medicine is more powerful than natural approaches – I beg to differ. ".  

- B. Collingwood (Florida, U.S.A.)

" I have known and received treatment and advice from Silvana and Patrick for over 3.5 yrs.

I have always found them to be caring, knowledgeable and attentive to the needs of their clients. They are very thorough and use a more holistic, integrative approach to health and wellness than I had ever experienced before. They are not only trained in alternative health but in many aspects of the Western medical model.

Recovering from significant health issues can be challenging. I know from personal experience. Having professional coaching and counseling support (including their cutting-edge blood analysis, holistic insights, and the advanced technologies they use) has helped me immensely.

I am a retired health professional from the conventional Western medicine model, and working with them has expanded my vision about how to regain true health. Just as importantly I have also learned to take good preventive care of myself.".  

- P. Storer (from the U.K., living in Cuenca, Ecuador)


"I’ve been seeing Silvana for counseling regularly for about 8 months now, and I’m very satisfied with her services.

She’s helped me go through relationship as well as personal issues with great professionalism but mostly great care. I see my sessions with her like little breaks from the hustle and bustle of life, special moments to take care of myself. I always look forward to my next session and always walk away from her office more serene and light-hearted.

What I appreciate the most about Silvana’s counseling is her humanity and the fact that I don’t feel treated like a client or a patient but like a person. I feel listened to, understood, well advised and cared for.

Having tried various types of therapies in the past, I can say that I have found in Silvana the heart and warmth my previous therapists were lacking, and I highly recommend her.".  

- Charlotte M. (foreign resident living in Ecuador)

"I went through a period of professional and emotional stress, and I needed some support. A few weeks after seeing Silvana, I feel lighter, more confident and centered.

She is impressive at understanding the true roots of your problems. She has some effective methods that helps you provide support to yourself,independently of her, to use outside of your therapy sessions. They can help you discover the causes of your anxiety in a way that makes you progress faster in your healing.

I also really appreciate that Silvana has a very positive and warm approach. ".  

- Frances O. (foreign resident living in Ecuador)

" I have been working with Silvana for around four years now. During this time, she has skillfully helped me work through multiple personal upheavals, challenges, and transitions in my life.

She listens very deeply and compassionately and has been open to helping me explore anything I bring to her, no matter how big or small. She has always made me feel safe and supported during our time working together.

Silvana has a wide scope of knowledge of various supportive resources and has frequently recommended applicable books, podcasts, or Ted talks which have been so helpful!

Most of our sessions have taken place over the phone, which has worked out quite smoothly.

Silvana is truly a gem and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough if you are looking for a counselor/therapist!".  

- Julia J. (from Massachusetts)

VieLight Devices

VieLight Gamma Testimonial

"To whom it might concern,

I phoned your helpline in well as to describe my benefit from the Vielight Neuro Gamma, and was urged to describe my experience in an email to your office.

I am a retired psychologist one of two Founders of the Los Angeles Institute and society for Psychoanalysis, and a retired Member and Training Analyst in the International Psychoanalytic Association.

Prior to treatment, I had noticed that my ability to remember had been slipping week by week, that unlike my past experience, if I frequently forgot common names as if the memories had slipped into a black hole.  Cognitively, I was significantly slower, and could no longer be verbally playful. I sensed I was slipping into loss of self and dementia.  I knew there was no established medical treatment, read (and respected) your soon-to-be-published study.  As an act of sheer desperation, ordered the Vielight Neuro Gamma.  After one month (sic) my memory has improved significantly (I would say I now have 80% of my earlier ability), I feel pretty much like my old self, and needless to say, am feeling very much more hopeful about facing old age (I am almost 88 years old). I didn't expect such results at all, still less after such a brief time.   When I ordered your product, I had mixed feelings.  I couldn't be sure it was a reasoned decision; I knew that despite your results with the earlier model, that ordering the Vielight Neuro Gamma might have been no more than an act of desperation and wishful thinking.  But nothing else offered any hope whatsoever.

While I still have further to go, I have my life back.  I feel eternally grateful for what you have given me, which is ever so much more than I dared dream I would get.  And I am looking for ways to share my good fortune with others who want the reassuring solidity of someone else's believable experience.  Should you receive calls from anyone in Southern California, I would be glad to share my experience with them. Thank you for the life you have given back to me".

- Norman Oberman, Ph.D. (Los Angeles CA)

Recent Alzheimer’s testimonial of dramatic improvement with use of the VieLight Neuro

“My father has Alzheimer’s. We have used the VieLight Neuro every other day for the past 8 days and we are keeping detailed written records on the changes.

Prior to beginning treatment, he was unable to feed himself, dress himself, or even open the door. He did not know me (his son), or my mother, to whom he has been married for the past 60 years. He displayed obsessive compulsive behavior, such as uncovering a vehicle every morning for the past 2 years. He would wander away and had to be fenced in to the yard. He could not speak coherent sentences or formulate words that made any sense.  Additionally, he could never find the bathroom, although at night, we had attempted a row of lights and baby gates to direct him toward the bathroom with sporadic results. He had absolutely no short term memory and could not even carry groceries into the house.  

After treatment one, he regained his ability to speak coherent words. He knew mother again. He knew me again. He did not uncover the car for the first time in years. He did not require any lights or assistance to find the bathroom. All obsessive behavior stopped. After treatment two, he was able to speak coherent sentences and his memory dramatically improved. In fact, he was able to retain details in a conversation from 2 hours prior. He was able to feed himself. After treatment three, the most dramatic observation was made. He used to take the salt shakers from the restaurant without knowing he was doing it. However, this time in the restaurant, he said, "I used to take these salt shakers, but I won't do it any longer". This is amazing because it indicates he was able to recall events which he previously could not recall.  Even more interesting is that he is fully aware of people who visit, and he is attentive during the conversations and joins in the conversations. He can now dress himself and he can find the bedroom to go to bed by himself. After treatment 4 (today), we have taken more notes but suffice it to say that cognition is improving dramatically, and all gains have maintained with consistency.

There have been no regressions. I will continue to take specific notes of each change in cognition, sleep, and behavior as this incredible experiment continues".  

- Scott (in the U.S.A.)


"5.0 out of 5 stars
I highly recommend this device.
By Vielight purchaser on
October 24, 2016

Recent Alzheimer’s testimonial of dramatic improvementwith use of the VieLight Neuro VieLight

“I purchased the Vielight Neuro for my father after months of medical research. My father has had several strokes, and he has advanced Alzheimer's. We have been using the Vielight for the past month and we have carefully monitored his progress during this month. The results are astonishing. His Alzheimer's has almost completely reversed itself. It is as if we have erased the past 10 years of neuro degeneration. The obsessive compulsive behavior stopped almost immediately. He has regained the ability to speak clearly, and his short term memory has improved dramatically. He can now feed himself, engage in normal conversation, and he now is able to recognize everyone around him. As I said, the results are astonishing, and far beyond anything I dared to hope we could accomplish with this remarkable device. I highly recommend this device, and in fact, I have just ordered another Vielight Neuro for my own personal use. There is no downside to using this device, and the upside is unlimited. Research photoneurobiomodulation yourself and you will see the benefits of it".  

- Olsen, in New York., U.S.A

High Power Laser

" I have had arthritic hip pain for many years.  I was also recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After the initial laser treatment on my hip, I immediately experienced relief. I was able to continue with daily walks without suffering the intense pain and discomfort. I was so impressed that I asked if it was possible to treat my thyroid with the laser too. I have had two applications on my thyroid so far, which have resulted in relief from fatigue, aches and pains, increased energy, mood, and improved overall quality of life”.  

- K. Stephenson (from the U.S.A., living in Ecuador)

" I had laser applications to address recovery from a serious injury and surgery on my ankle after breaking the talus bone in a rock-climbing accident. There were 2 main goals for using the laser on the injury. The first was to reduce the general inflammation and pain in the ankle joint and the second was to assist in recovering sensation that had been lost. Within the first couple sessions, it was obvious that we were beginning to make progress towards both of the goals. After the first 8 sessions, the inflammation and pain had been significantly reduced. By session 11-12, I started to notice more sensation in areas that had been previously numb. I had 20 sessions in total over a month-long period and the end result was sustained reduction of inflammation and pain in addition to regaining sensation from the numbness. Overall, I highly recommend the near-infrared laser!".

-  Jerrik Keller (from Oregon, U.S.A. Received laser sessions while visiting Cuenca, Ecuador)

" After suffering with swollen, painful thumbs for a year or more, an x-ray showed that I had bone on bone (no cartilage) in both thumb joints.  My doctor recommended 4 (very painful) steroid injections in each thumb followed by 10 session of physical therapy. In total, I went through many weeks of various western medicine modalities. The end result was short lived, and soon the pain returned. Then, recently, after having only one treatment of the Epoch 980 Laser, I experienced immediate relief that continues to improve. I have full mobility of my thumbs and look forward to completing the treatments so that I am fully recovered".

- R. Patton (from the U.S.A., living in Ecuador)