Jab Mitigation Protocol

for the
COVID-19 Vaccine, Vaccine Shedding, and Graphene Poisoning from the Food Supply

Safe and Effective?

Some background

The recent emergency-use authorized mRNA shots for COVID-19 have been promoted as being “Safe and Effective”. What started out as one shot has morphed into five injections and counting. It is now clear that they want to vaccinate the population indefinitely.  Recently, world leaders, movie stars, etc., who were “fully vaccinated”, have indicated they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. This includes U.S. president Joe Biden, who has had two vaccines and two boosters, but has announced that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  So, how effective are these shots? With effectiveness out the window, common sense brings the question about safety to the forefront. Could the population have been misled on COVID-19 vaccination safety as well? 

In December of 2021 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) went to court to block the release of Pfizer documents requested through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These documents pertained to the Pfizer pre-launch vaccine trial.  The FDA wanted these documents sealed and kept secret from the public for the next 75 years. Thank goodness the court ruled that the FDA had to release all these papers over the next 8 months. This release amounts to 55,000 documents a month. So far these documents, and others like them from the drug company Moderna, have clarified that the COVID-19 mRNA shots are not safe as originally indicated by manufacturers, governments, and the media.                                     

Adverse effects and serious concerns

Many independent physicians and scientists from around the world have identified most of the ingredients in all of the COVID-19 vaccines. Some recognized constituents are NOT listed on the vaccine insert sheet (ingredients and additional information). The primary concern in this category are nano-particles (including self-assembling computer-like circuits). These are made from graphene oxide, a patented super-conductor nano-material that causes acute toxicity in humans.  Graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide can cause tissue damage not unlike “spike proteins” that are created as a result of the mRNA shot. Other concerning ingredients found in the jab include parasites (some unknown to science) and dangerous metals including stainless steel.

The US National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 acknowledged that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” All vaccines cause those who get them to shed active vaccine ingredients, usually for a short while. This has potential adverse effects on the health of those around the vaccinated. This is why hospitals have traditionally banned recently vaccinated people from Intensive Care Units and Operating Rooms. When it comes to the mRNA shots, it is not known how long the shedding lasts. Research to date is showing that some of the identified constituents of the jab are being found in those who are not jabbed. This is causing tissue damage in the unjabbed as well.

Graphene oxide has been found in all the vaccines currently being administered for COVID-19, as well as monkeypox and seasonal influenza. Some of the organizations independently investigating these vaccines have also found what is being referred to as ‘graphene contamination’ in the food supply. Foods that have been found to be contaminated by magnetic particles, (e.g., graphene oxide) include tea, coffee, supplements, processed foods, and even cosmetics. Some scientists believe that graphene (as well as other toxins and pathogens) can be detoxed.

Some of the adverse effects of the mRNA shots that have been catalogued to date, from the documents that were released by court order (which had 9 full pages of side-effects written by Pfizer) as well as from other sources includes systemic inflammation, intestinal tract inflammation, skin rashes, reduced immunity, autoimmunity, as well as blood clots, myocarditis (heart inflammation), heart attack, stroke, and more.  These sources also clarify that the mRNA COVID-19 shots tend to make pre-existing health conditions worse, activating dormant states or aggravating symptoms.   

What Can Be Done?

A customized approach

Addressing issues related to any kind of acute or chronic toxicity, infection or poisoning requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on safety as well as efficacy. Our game plan for prevention, as well as for addressing the issues related to the COVID-19 jab, shedding, and food supply contamination are as follows:

Avoid contamination - avoiding further contamination is always the first step
Optimize your diet - this can support nutrient absorption and reduce inflammation
Get a blood test - this provides critical information for safety and efficacy
Follow the protocol for your needs - these vary depending on your specific circumstances

All mitigation protocols will usually include elements from each of the following types of interventions: 

Bio-oxidative treatments - these can be self-administered at home
Antioxidants  - supplements and foods that are critical for recovery
Support against toxins and pathogens -  various kinds of cleanses and detoxes
Immune boost supplementation  -  only if you do not have autoimmunity
Enzyme therapy  - this can help break down toxins including graphene
EMF protection - since electromagnetic fields interact with graphene

Please note that the specific supplements or processes and dosage and frequency of use can vary depending on your existing state of health and personal circumstances. If you are interested in knowing more please contact us for an initial consult.