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We focus on the needs of our clients and we recommend self-interventions that are safe and effective for those ready to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Holistic Wellness Solutions

Supporting your natural capacity to heal
A new approach to health and wellness

Our main objective is to empower our clients with knowledge and understanding about their health and wellbeing and to provide the tools they need to achieve their best state of being. We are there every step of the way to support you through the process of recovery.

Silvana Spano, B.A., M.A.

We have a miraculous capacity to heal when we create the right conditions
Silvana Spano BA MA
Silvana Spano BA MA at Holistic Wellness Solutions

Silvana Spanò is an Argentinian-Canadian clinical counsellor, holistic health practitioner, writer and educator with a BA in Psychology from Canada, a Master's in Counselling Psychology from the U.S., and a long-list of additional training in holistic health and healing techniques (physical and non-physical).

As a health coach and practitioner, Silvana combines her formal studies with a hands-on training & apprenticeship in indigenous holistic health care.  Silvana integrates nutritional counselling to both physical and psychological/cognitive care. She attributes the beginning of her understanding about natural health to her naturopath, the brilliant Dr. Jonn Matsen, ND, of North Vancouver, Canada. She is especially interested in women’s health and wellbeing — including emotional, cognitive and hormonal health.

As a counsellor, Silvana focuses on guiding the client to find empowerment and inner liberation from perceived limitations. She’s a strong believer in personal sovereignty, and the power of inner growth at any stage of life. Silvana has a special interest in psychospiritual, social and cultural issues. Her chosen modalities include techniques from the new field of Energy Psychology, shamanic therapies, nutrition, detoxification, and more. She is a passionate teacher, counsellor, and health consultant with an unwavering belief in the holistic nature of life.

She is a trained and experienced practitioner of Ama-Deus, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Psych-K, Mayan Therapies and other shamanic therapies. Silvana is one of less than twenty instructors in the world for the healing art of the indigenous Guarani people of South America (a powerful 6000 year-old tradition known as Ama-Deus).

Silvana believes in merging heart and knowledge to create the solutions our world needs today. She is committed to individual and collective healing through enlightened spiritual, cultural, and social activism as a way of life.   

Patrick Coady, B.A., C.M.T.

Knowledge, motivation, and a wide-open mind are the keys to healing
Patrick Coady BA CMT at Holistic Wellness Solutions

Patrick is passionate about health and wellness, but his path to becoming a health coach has been a non-traditional one. After becoming an all-natural bodybuilder, which he was for many years, he began to conduct research into diet and nutrition in order to achieve his personal goals. During that time, he had the privilege of receiving direction from Dr. Jonn Madsen, N.D. of Vancouver, Canada, as well as from other outstanding professionals who inspired a new understanding of true wellbeing.

Learning from the very best practitioners in the world was an extraordinary way to understand health. This not only served him well, but also his friends, family, and eventually his clients. Now, Patrick also counts Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Dr. Peter Osborne, D.C., and Dr. Michael Lam, M.D., M.P.H., as his primary influences.

Patrick has taken a wide range of courses and certifications in health and healing, (e.g., Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Mastering Functional Lab Testing Analysis, Biomagnetism, etc.), as well as specific training in technologies that can support recovery. Some of these technologies include microcurrent applications (BioHealth 2011), and medical laser (Multi Radiance Medical in 2013 and Epoch Lasers in 2019).

At the core of Patrick’s approach to health is the understanding and application of holism. His greatest influence in this regard has been his wife and colleague, Silvana Spano. Her knowledge and understanding of this subject has now shaped every aspect of his approach to wellness, which has supported extraordinary outcomes even with most challenging cases.  

Patrick has had an intense interest in functional blood chemistry analysis (FBCA) since 2011, when he was introduced to the pioneering work and training from Dr. Dicken Weatherby, N.D. and Dr. Scott Ferguson, N.D. His more recent influences in the “optimal interpretation” of blood include Sarah Gottfried, Isabella Wentz, and Westin Childs. Patrick believes that FBCA is a game changer when it comes to understanding what is out of balance, how long this has been at play, what systems and organs are impacted, the level of risk that exists, and what the best course of action is for recovery. He also uses functional ranges to interpret hair and urine tests. Recently he has undertaken specialized training in chronic low level heavy metal poisoning, which can fly under the radar, and cause significant health issues that can be misdiagnosed and/or left unaddressed.

Patrick is a lifelong learner and has lectured on health and healing throughout Canada, the United States, and South America.

Dexter Leland

Everything is energy first
Healing is energy
Dexter Leland energetic healing at Holistic Wellness Solutions

Dexter has been a spiritual explorer for almost 50 years. He began his journey studying with Jack Schwarz in 1972. Jack was a well-respected practitioner of non-traditional methods of health and healing and the author of a variety of books, including “The human Energy Systems”. Dexter was fortunate to learn from Jack for many years and travel with him throughout Mexico in 1972 and throughout Egypt in 1973.

Adding to his medicine bag of healing modalities Dexter learned Ama-Deus, the 6000-year-old healing practice of the Guarani tribe of South America. He is a practitioner and instructor in this heart-based modality. In 2001 he moved to Guatemala to study Mayan healing traditions. Dexter spent 7 years studying with Tata Pedro Cruz, learning the traditional Tzutujil fire ceremony. He also lived with Vicenta Gonzales Navicoch and her family in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, where he was trained to be a healer in her tradition. Dexter now practices and teaches the Mayan soul retrieval ceremonies he learned from his teacher, Vicenta.

Currently, Dexter is a practitioner in Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine as taught by Desda Zuckerman in California. The principles, methods, procedures and techniques of Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine have greatly enhanced his already extensive energy healing skills. Dexter is grateful to be a part of the Sacred Anatomy Community. He's dedicated to his practice and to the growth and expansion of his clients' wellbeing.