Supporting mental and emotional health

Cognitive, Neurological and Mental Health Conditions

The connection between physical, mental, and emotional health is now well established. Any one point of imbalance from trauma (both physical and emotional) to chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies or intestinal tract inflammation (to name a few) can cause cognitive, neurological or mental health issues. These in turn can impact immunity, tissue integrity, sleep, etc.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an acquired disturbance in cognition without obvious impairment in daily functioning. It is often a transitional stage between the cognitive changes of normal aging and early dementia.

This is not only about forgetting where we left the keys. When the names of people that are quite close to us are difficult to retrieve from our memory and/or coordinating times and events becomes a challenge, it may be time to see what can be done to reverse this early decline.

After understanding your symptoms, your health history, and any current diagnostics (particularly if we use a functional interpretation of blood) there is much we can advice you to do for your recovery.

Once your circumstances are understood, a combination of customized lifestyle changes can include diet, nutritional supplementation, detoxing, and possibly even a simple home-use technology. These can not only help you reverse MCI but can also help prevent issues in the future.


Dementia is an umbrella term for conditions involving cognitive impairment with symptoms that include memory loss, personality changes, and issues with language, communication, and thinking.

Dementia can be caused by a variety of issues including stroke, concussion, Parkinson's, MS, heavy metals, severe nutrient deficiencies, excessive sugar in one's diet, and more. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of a progressive dementia in older adults.

We work with individuals around the world, as well as with their families and support persons/teams. We are happy to say that we've had many cases of extraordinary success. This has come about by combining a thorough understanding of the various imbalances that may be at play, as well as by supporting the re-growth of neurons in the brain with appropriate nutrition and with a home-use light therapy that we recommend.

See our testimonials page to better understand some of the results that are possible. During an initial consultation, and once we understand your particular circumstances, we can make specific recommendations that can start making a difference right away.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine. This impacts feelings of pleasure and satisfaction (part of the reward system) and the regulation of movement, learning and emotional response.

Parkinson's symptoms start gradually, sometimes with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. The disorder also causes stiffness or slowing of movement, muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait.

Our approach starts with the deeper work that is related to the reward system that has resulted in the premature death of neurons that produce dopamine. We combine this with lifestyle changes and a simple and inexpensive brain stem stimulator that helps to regenerate dopamine production cells.

Our approach is holistic in nature and for those people afflicted with this disorder who are motivated to make appropriate changes, they can learn to halt, and even reverse this condition.

Depression & Anxiety

Sense of wellbeing can be impacted by a range of issues, including emotional or physical trauma (particularly in childhood) as well as by chronic stress.

When we are feeling lost or overwhelmed, outside support is often needed to restore wellbeing. Therapeutic interventions are helpful and sometime necessary to achieve a state of inner peace -- sometimes for the first time in one's life.  

Holistic counselling takes into consideration all of the possible elements that may be causing emotional or cognitive imbalances.

Although we always focus on the issue/s that our client is experiencing, we also pay attention to any contributing factors (which may or may not be psychological in nature). As an example, deficiencies in vitamins and electrolytic minerals, as well as hormone imbalances, are often involved in cases of anxiety or depression (which are so common nowadays). Diet is closely related too. This is because our way of eating either supports or detracts from our mental and emotional health much more than most people realize.

Our approach is holistic, meaning that we look at many different levels of the individual in order to help heal the whole being. Thus, our counselling services are focused on mental, emotional, cognitive and psycho-spiritual wellbeing. At the same time, we address lifestyle aspects that can make a very significant difference in our client´s ability to sustain wellness in their bodies and brains. In turn, this can make inner healing and personal growth much easier and long-lasting.

As the Roman proverb says, "Mens sana in corpore sano", or "Healthy mind in healthy body". From the perspective of holism, it cannot be any other way, as the body and the mind are different aspects of the same unit expressing itself in different ways.