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Lectures, seminars and webinars

We regularly organize live lectures and seminars wherever we are in the world.
We also offer webinars that you can access online. See our talks listed below.
If there is something else that you would like to see us offer, we welcome your suggestions.  

Reversing Cognitive Decline


1 hour including question period

Silvana Spano and Patrick Coady will be speaking about their extraordinary results helping clients reverse cognitive-decline related issues including Mild Cognitive Impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and even brain damage due to concussion or stroke.  

The presentation will include Prezi slides and will provide details about how your recovery can be accomplished with simple changes in diet, lifestyle and the use of inexpensive home-use light therapy technology. The objective of this talk is to empower those in attendance. Our goal is always to help those who are ready to learn gain understanding on how to take care of themselves so they can move forward with their health without expensive physician visits or questionable prescription drugs.

Those interested in attending a presentation or hosting one should contact Silvana and Patrick via this website to enquire about scheduled dates or book a new talk.

Speaking of Wellness

Patrick Coady conducts a variety of lectures on health and well-being and can speak to your office, social group or other pre-arranged gathering.  The talks are fun, full of facts and slightly irreverent.

Examples of some popular topics include “Eating Healthy, Feeling Full and Losing Weight”, “Eating Fats is Medicine”, “Do I Really Need to Take Drugs?”, and “What the Heck is Inflammation Anyway?”.

To book Patrick as a guest speaker please contact him through this website.

A Seminar for North Americans Interested in South American Spiritual Traditions


Full-day seminar (morning and afternoon classes)

Silvana Spanò teaches a seminar for North Americans who want to understand the principles and practices of shamanism applied in their authentic context.

When it comes to navigating the shamanic world safely in powerful and mysterious South America, foreigners tend to hold many misconceptions. Lack of understanding, combined with linguistic limitations can put many people at physical, emotional and spiritual risk.

Come and participate in this interactive seminar designed to educate as well as opening up dialogue and encouraging reflection about issues  of great importance for those interested in this subject. This timely presentation and discussion-circle includes:

– A general overview of what shamanism is (and is not)
– Different types of shamanism
– How to discern who/what you are working with
– Other considerations for exploring shamanism safely
– The role of plant medicine in shamanic practices
– Energetic considerations for the New Times
– Cultural Awareness for North Americans in South America

If you are interested in this workshop, contact us through this website for details on upcoming seminars and locations.

Soul Retrieval


Full-day (morning and afternoon classes with demonstration of a Mayan soul retrieval)

Come and learn about shamanism and the ancient shamanic practice of soul retrieval, used by our ancestors to restore health and wellbeing after any traumatic experience through a person's life.

The afternoon class is a demonstration of an authentic Mayan soul retrieval.

Your Psyche & Your Body


1.5 hours including question period